Michael Bonfigli is a Washington DC based photojournalist, a former Peace Corps volunteer and has a masters degree in education. He has over 20 years of experience photographing a wide range of topics around the world for magazines, NGOs, and commercial clients. He is the son of Argentine parents which has inspired his work in Central and South America. After spending 3 years working with the Honduran people in the Miskito Coast, Michael has produced a indepth photographic study of the region and its people. His current work in the north coast region of Honduras has been widely published, exhibited and is presently being edited for a book. 

He is also one of the founding members Metro Collective, an international coalition of photographers who are united by a shared dedication to documentary work focusing on humanistic stories and themes. 

List of clients
Washington Post Magazine
Christian Science Monitor 
National Geographic Travel Magazine
Seattle Times
Center for American Progress
Southern Poverty Law Center
World Bank/Pan American Health Foundation
Ford Foundation
Citi Open Tennis 
JTCC Tennis Center 
Sexy Brand Company
American University